Two CFPs on Anarchism and Critical Management Studies

10 Oct

We got some great news this week. Not only was a proposal for a special issue of the journal ephemera: theory and politics in organisation on anarchism and critical management studies, put together by Konstantin Stoborod and yours truly, accepted, but we also heard that our proposal, that we collaborated on with Stevphen Shukaitis, for a stream on the same topic at next year’s Critical Management Studies (CMS, get used to that acronym, I’ll be using it a lot on here) conference at the University of Manchester also been given the green light. This is really something to be happy about. Only a few months ago the very idea of putting anarchism and CMS together in the same room was novel, if not downright offensive, and now these two happenings follow hot on the trail of our successful stream at the Anarchist Studies Network (ASN) conference in September.

The CMS conference call for papers doesn’t seem to be online yet, so I’ve added it here as a page: you can see it in the menu above this post or click here if you’re very lazy. The deadline for the CMS conference call for papers is the end of April 2013.

As for the ephemera call, you can find out all you need to know here. The deadline for that one is the 28th of June 2013.

Just to give you an idea of what we’re looking for, the obligatory ‘topics could include but are not limited to…’ looks like this:

  • Organisational norms and practices in 21st century radical social movements
  • Economic, political, social and environmental protests
  • Can anarchism be found (or lost) in the business school?
  • The relationship between post-Marxism and anarchism
  • Postanarchist critiques on meta-narratives following the economic crisis
  • New technologies, new attitudes and their effects on horizontality in organising
  • Business ethics and anarchist ethics
  • Leadership: managerial and anarchist perspectives
  • Promotion and “marketing” of anarchist theory and practice
  • Embodiment and performativity in protest movements
  • Emotions and affectivity of the alternative
  • Global anti-authoritarian and/or anti-capitalist trends reflected in local practices
  • Anarchism as the outsider of CMS
  • Is there a science of anarchist organisation?
  • The promise of radical opportunity always being elsewhere

Although these two calls are separate, we see them as parts in the larger project that began with the ASN conference stream in September, and we will surely be considering submissions to the CMS conference, as well as the presentations in the ASN stream, for publication in the ephemera special issue. But of course you can submit to one or the other solely.

Hopefully we’ll hear from you soon with abstracts or suggestions for involvement in either the ephemera special issue or the CMS conference stream, or both! If you want to get in touch with us about these, please email me at trs6 (at) le (dot) ac (dot) uk and Konstantin at ks302 (at) le (dot) ac (dot) uk.


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